Sunday, 8 October 2017

Book review - Those who Wait (Tanya Marlow)

This is a wonderful book – it’s real, and honest, and challenging, and hopeful, and above all focused on Jesus. Tanya is a remarkable woman and she has written a remarkable book that will stimulate and encourage you, whatever your personal circumstances. Here is a common human experience, which we all go through one way or another – waiting – explored and discussed and meditated on. Tanya has had to endure many years of waiting, through a debilitating chronic illness. In this book she shares some of the lessons she has learnt, and is continuing to learn. Her love for Jesus shines out of every page. The book is imaginatively written, and will draw you in to its cleverly created narratives. There is wisdom and grace and humour and honesty throughout. Tanya has taken 4 well known biblical characters – Sarah, Isaiah, John the Baptist, and Mary the mother of Jesus – and brought their stories to life, helping us to imagine what the experience of waiting might have been like for them, and to understand what we can learn to help us through our own times of waiting. There are also theological notes to help those who wish to delve deeper into the text, and Bible study questions for those who want to study the book with others There are suggested creative exercises to inspire you and beautifully worded prayers to help you focus on the Lord. I couldn’t put this book down. The stories drew me in, the theological insights stirred me, and Tanya’s honesty and courage challenged me. I will definitely recommend this book to others I know who are struggling through times of waiting – everyone will be able to find something in it to strengthen and encourage them in their journey with the Lord.

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