Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Spoken word - 'beloved'

I've blogged a bit lately about my beLOVED ceremony on 18th November, including the vow that I made, and the order of service. One of the really special bits of the ceremony was when the uber talented Miriam Swaffield performed an incredible spoken word piece that she had written especially for the day. It was amazing! Lots of people have asked me for a copy of it, so with Miriam's permission, here it is:

He speaks. 
He speaks so powerfully life itself is created in a breath. 
He sighs, 
And like chemistry, stars are breathed into being as he gathers dust in the palm of his hands, 
And before you were anyone's good idea or twinkle in the eye, 
You were alive in Him. 
You were named, known, crafted, your soul was designed, 
And you were shaped to be loved, to live pruned back and set free 
From day one you were doted upon into eternity, 
The whisper of his Spirit to you, the whisper on the breeze speaks, "You are beloved, be loved." 
We are full. So full of his promise and presence and power 
It's like we are clay jars, a simple vessel, 
But like a vase full of flowers we stand tall, 
We blossom in our fruitfulness, 
So grateful in the Son's light for his unwavering faithfulness, 
Satisfied like fresh water to a thirsty soul, 
Nourished by your word, your truth, you'll never let us go, 
And so we grow, through harsh seasons and new mornings, 
Through late night tears and laughters dawning, 
In the look-me-in-the-eye passion that our Father made us for, 
Like an anchor in our souls, holding firm and secure, 
That allows us to walk brave and free, vulnerable and bold, 
Whilst all the while the whisper echoes from those days of old "You are beloved, be loved." 
Kissed by fire, The heavens break open and his presence descends 
And we breathe, for glory and in grace we are drenched, renewed, changed 
He is mercy and justice, he is fierceness and kindness, 
He instills in us a bigger heart, a wider stretch for welcome arms, 
And in him we are home and make home, finding peace where we are, 
Yet we call in one more to find hope in the dark, 
Giving away the gift of belonging, 
Knowing family is an open invite to the upside-down kingdom 
And we won't quit, we won't build walls, we won't close down or grip tight, 
We pray keep this heart soft and strong, help me shine out your light 
So like neon signs in clouded skies the call of God will shine "You are beloved, be loved." 
"You are beloved, be loved."

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