Saturday, 13 September 2014

Being single - the fantastic bits!

Gosh it's been a really long time since I blogged - sorry about that! There was our church Open Day, and then New Wine, and then a week camping with friends, and then church holiday club, and then the back to school thing... it's been a busy summer!

Anyway, I'm blogging again, and I thought I'd do another couple of posts with some snippets from the book. I'd love to know what you think (whether or not you've read it!).

Chapter 7 in the book is entitled 'Happily Ever After'. In large part it's my story - what I believe God is saying to me as I live out this single life. However in it I also explore some of the best and worst bits about being single. I include a list of both, based on the responses I got from my single friends who filled in the questionnaires I sent out.

So, here is a list (in no particular order, as they say) of the things my random group of friends felt were great about being single -
  • Being able to decide on and do things spontaneously
  • Having to face up to my own character issues and deal with them
  • Having to totally rely on God
  • Learning how to do practical jobs
  • Having freedom to spend lots of time with God
  • Pleasing myself about what I eat and drink!
  • Freedom to make my own plans and decisions
  • Being able to take on new roles and responsibilities as I choose
  • Flexibility about how I use my time
  • No one to shout at you if you bump the car!
  • Developing self confidence, e.g. being able to go into parties and pubs alone
  • Choosing your own style of house and garden decor
  • Being able to be generous with money
  • Being able to serve and give out more - no one will need you later at home so you can just come in and rest
  • Building intimate friendships
  • Being able to choose times of solitude
  • Lower cost of living
  • Being able to be hospitable and keep an open house
  • Taking holidays in school time
Someone also added 'staying young looking (at least if you don't have kids)' - what do you think, do child-free single people really look younger?! ;-)

Obviously not all of the things on that list will apply to some people (perhaps especially those who are single but have children) - but I still think it's a great list! It's so important that those of us who are single recognise and acknowledge the great things that we have the opportunity to do that we perhaps wouldn't be able to do if we were married.

Anyway, let me know what you think about the list above - do you agree or disagree? Are there things you'd add to that list? I'll do the slightly more negative list soon...


  1. Good list - although some only apply when living alone, or in your own place. Particularly like the one about bumping the car, it is far too easy to blame others instead of ourselves when we mess up. (or that's how I read it anyway)

  2. Thanks for your comment Darren! I think the person meant it a bit more light-heartedly than that - the fact there's no one to tell you off so you can get away with it! You make a good point too though!